In the magical land of Madhya Pradesh, Alirajpur lies in the Malwa region (western part of MP). With many tourist places, Alirajpur turns out to be a significant vacation destination for an art travel buff. Firstly, the district is famous for wood carvings which display exquisite and beautiful craftsmanship. Since there is a significant population of the Bhils tribe in the region, it has also become the hub for Bhils for diverse kinds of trading and businesses.

The other appeal to visit the town is the well-known mango yard. Additionally, the “Noor Jahan” an exceptionally uncommon assortment of mango of which few trees are surviving, are found in the region, specially Katthiwara village located approximately at a distance of 60 km from Alirajpur.

Alirajpur’s topography is predominantly hilly and depends primarily on agricultural endeavors, especially mangoes. The agricultural trading yard in Alirajpur is the biggest when it comes to mango trading.

Another attraction is Aadharkaanch village known for the traditional ‘Galsan Maala’ of beads. The intricate designs are made today in a way to suit the urban tastes. Neatly woven into multi colored necklaces, bangles and earrings, the bead works find their commercial and aesthetic recognition in the local melas and fairs. The traditional Hansli (necklace) made of silver or white metal passed from one generation to another, is popular with trendy urban women.

There are also Jain temples in the district that are worth seeing. Laxmani Teerth temple, for example houses the idol of Padma Prabhu swami as its deity.