Culture & Heritage

Tribal culture and folk arts of Alirajpur district:- The tribal means ,Early tribal people who live here are called the tribal. From the existence of human life on the earth to till today who are chronically living, they are tribal. Now as far as their culture is concerned It is pervasive and wide because the culture word include special rites of a community ,their habits, customs, rituals, festivals, way of life, diet, dressing , lifestyle etc.In this district, tribal community are mainly divided into three parts – 1. Bhil, 2. Bheelala, 3. Patliya. People of Bheelala and Patliya community are more developed , literate and resourceful whereas People of the Bhil community has still undeveloped . There are several reasons, But tribal have different identity.


Life of tribal are very simple and easy ,their needs are very limited. Their house are in “Phaliya” (Small Village),which is very important unit of a village .Such type of “Phaliya” constitute a village, these “Phaliya”may be in the area of 5 km and have around 25 to 50 houses in a “Phaliya” . Usually 10 “Phaliya” are in a village but some where it is extended up to 20 “Phaliya”.Generally, the home of tribal are of bamboo and mud ,but now a days Due to modernity and government schemes they are building Concrete houses and “havelis” in the villages.

BHAGORIYA“Bhagoriya”, “Ind”, “Choudas”, “Galbabji”, “Gata Stapna Divas”, “Nawai” festival at harvesting ,”Babadev Puja” and “Patla Pujan” are main festivals of the tribal. They also celebrate major Hindu festival “Holi”, “Diwali”, and “Rakhi” with joy. Play “Holi” , explode crackers at “Dewali” .

In tribal culture marriage of male and female are fixed by mutual consent by “Panchayat” .where in it is compulsory to pay by the groom’s side to the bride’s family, it is a custom that is also called “Dapa” .In this deal around 1000 to 50000 cash, Silver jewellery,Goats and Grain are included after it marriage performed.