Bhagoriya Festival

  • Celebrated on/during: March
  • Significance:

    The tribal people of Madhya Pradesh form an important part of its culture and contribute to the colorful graffiti of the state. They have their indigenous norms, moral yardsticks and tribal heritage that they strive to preserve. This unique tradition and vibrant culture comes alive in the Bhagoriya festival of Alirajpur.The festival marks the onset of the spring season and falls a few days before Holi. It is a boisterous merriment, accompanied by singing, dancing and drunken revelry.
    Bhagoria Festival is especially a trademark celebration of the Bhils, particularly in the district of West Nimar,Jhabua and Alirajpur district. .Apart from rejoicing in the bounty of the spring season, the prominence of the festival lies in it being a mass svayamvara or a marriage market. As the name suggets, ‘Bhag’ Means ‘Run’ in Hindi. Thus, during the festival of Bhagoria, young people choose their partners and elope with them. Eventually, they are accepted as man and wife, as per the sietal convention dictates. Thus, it forms an apt time for lovers to elope with each other and seal their love with conjugal bliss and formal acceptance.

  • Popular Edibles : Kachori
  • Festive Attires :

    Young boys and girls deck themselves in gaudy clothes and jewelry and congregate in the village fair during Bhagoria. According to tradition, the girl smears gulal (colored powder) on the forehead of the boy whom she selects as her bridegroom. The boy reciprocates in a like manner if he harbors positive feelings for her. In no time, the couple escapes to the forests and is declared as husband and wife. Earlier, Bhagoriya Haat was also the meeting ground to settle account with adversaries. Today, it is solely a positive festival that celebrates the joyous aspects of life. A festival of love, life, music and colors, Bhagoria no doubt carves a special niche amongst the tribal people of Madhya Pradesh.